Faculty Stories

Katherine Burt

Image of Katherine Burt

“The textbook I was using for my course was around $200. Most students weren’t buying it, or at least they weren’t buying the new version. On a weekly basis, students had trouble extracting important information from the textbook. [In] the ZTC resource that the library helped me find, there was an encyclopedia of different regions of the world. Instead of having each students read one chapter, I was able to assign groups of two or three to a particular country, which helped generate discussion. The OER/ZTC initiative has made me a better teacher, it has made students more engaged learners, and it’s going to save them money.” Explore Professor Burt’s OER Foods and Foodways of  Culture Course now.

Alexander Nuñez-Torres

Image of Alexander Núñez Torres

“When I was a student, it was very difficult for me to obtain books. So I decided to adopt Open Educational Resources. Open Educational Resources mean books are available on the first day of class, for all students, at no cost. They are accessible anywhere: students can study whenever they have a few minutes between classes. I had the liberty of finding different sources for the same topic. I was able to choose among many sources what I thought was best.” Learn more about how Professor Nuñez-Torres has integrated OER into his Introduction to Macroeconomics Course.

Additional Stories and Use Cases

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